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Barista salary in Putrajaya

How much does a Barista make in Putrajaya?

Average base salary

RM 1,802
as national average

The average salary for a barista is RM 1,802 per month in Putrajaya. 42 salaries reported, updated at 24 January 2023

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Top companies for Baristas in Putrajaya

  1. The Alley
    59 reviews10 salaries reported
    RM 2,319per month
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Highest paying cities for Baristas near Putrajaya

  1. Bangsar
    RM 2,280 per month
    18 salaries reported
  2. Puchong
    RM 2,038 per month
    35 salaries reported
  3. Johor Bahru
    RM 1,938 per month
    141 salaries reported
  1. Subang Jaya
    RM 1,895 per month
    62 salaries reported
  2. Kuala Lumpur
    RM 1,887 per month
    514 salaries reported
  3. Petaling Jaya
    RM 1,822 per month
    274 salaries reported
  1. George Town
    RM 1,809 per month
    70 salaries reported
  2. Putrajaya
    RM 1,802 per month
    42 salaries reported
  3. Melaka
    RM 1,781 per month
    77 salaries reported
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Where can a Barista earn more?

Compare salaries for Baristas in different locations
Explore Barista openings
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How much do similar professions get paid in Putrajaya?

Team Member

104 job openings

Average RM 1,717 per month

Customer Service Representative

9 job openings

Average RM 2,031 per month

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