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Personal assistant salary in Bangsar

How much does a Personal Assistant make in Bangsar?

Average base salary

RM 3,810
above national average

The average salary for a personal assistant is RM 3,810 per month in Bangsar. 10 salaries reported, updated at 13 October 2022

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Highest paying cities for Personal Assistants near Bangsar

  1. Mid Valley City
    RM 5,143 per month
    6 salaries reported
  2. Bangsar
    RM 3,810 per month
    10 salaries reported
  3. Sungai Besi
    RM 3,421 per month
    6 salaries reported
  1. Kepong
    RM 3,367 per month
    5 salaries reported
  2. Setapak
    RM 3,238 per month
    6 salaries reported
  3. Kuala Lumpur
    RM 3,208 per month
    212 salaries reported
  1. Bukit Jalil
    RM 2,902 per month
    15 salaries reported
  2. Mont Kiara
    RM 2,713 per month
    6 salaries reported
  3. Taman Tun Dr Ismail
    RM 2,021 per month
    5 salaries reported
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Where can a Personal Assistant earn more?

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How much do similar professions get paid in Bangsar?

Executive Assistant

1,051 job openings

Average RM 3,203 per month

Personal Assistant to Director

164 job openings

Average RM 3,900 per month

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