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About Nutrition Technologies Sdn Bhd

We manufacture and supply sustainable proteins, oils and frass to help feed the growing aquaculture, agriculture and animal feed industries around the world. ​Our core products derive from a nutrient recycling process that uses black soldier fly larvae to recover nutrients from vegetable and grain by-products. Our flagship production is based – 

Discover our history

Nutrition Technologies is an AgTech company headquartered in Singapore and operating in Malaysia. Founded in 2015 by two British entrepreneurs, Nick Piggott & Tom Berry, the company manufactures sustainable animal feed ingredients and organic compost, using a unique combination of specially selected bacteria and black soldier fly larvae to recycle nutrients from agricultural and food processing by-products. The company has received a total funding of US$14m to date and has international recognition for its innovative technology. In 2020 the company scaled up its production with the launch of its new zero-waste factory in Johor, Malaysia. It is now a step further on its pathway toward developing a sustainable circular economy within the animal feed industry. Nutrition Technologies plans to build several similar size facilities across Southeast Asia in the next 5 years, with a vision to produce 500,000 tonnes a year of its sustainable insectmeal, Hi.Protein®. More information can be found at

Johor facility